Quite a Spectacle

The Tooth Fairy Lives in Australia

Eli-tooth Ephraim lost his first tooth today. He was goofing around with a loose one at breakfast this morning and it just flipped out onto the floor. He was pretty surprised.

Silas told Ephraim that he believes that Andrew Wood is the tooth fairy (it has something to do with the fact that Andrew was at our house the last time Si lost a tooth and found a reward under his pillow).

This fact has Ephraim a bit worried because Andrew is now attending Bible college in Australia. There's very little chance he'll make it to Alberta in time to exchange a tooth for a twoonie!



Ha! That is so fun! Cami lost a tooth the other day and the tooth fairy forgot to come that night so in the monrnig he was like I guess so many kids lost teeth last night she couldn't make it and we were like yes, that is probably it luckily the tooth fairy came the next night.:-) Justice and Cami are on to us though but we are keeping the hope alive for the younger ones! Shhhh

Timothy Eastwood

=) If Ephraim only knew who his tooth fairy really is! That would make him smile, for sure. Anyway, even with a missing tooth, your son still look so adorable. Have you guys gone to the dentist already?

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