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Today's Auto Adventures

Uh-oh. 150 kilometers, or so, south of Moose Jaw the van started to chug a bit. Something is just not right...

Stop for gas in Midland, SK. Back on the road. CHECK ENGINE LIGHT FLASHING. Van not really going. U-turn. Back to gas station.

After our one hour detour in Midland, SK the mechanic (Mr. Short of Shorty's Auto Service) could only replace a spark plug. No experience with Mazdas (Japanese cars ain't too popular around here). We drove on to Moose Jaw with a cylinder misfiring and the Check Engine light flashing. We wrote down the numbers of 6 towing companies as a safeguard.

We've rented a van for tomorrow am. We'll leave our van at Canadian Tire auto service and head to Alberta in the rental. Elizabeth and I will have to drive back some time next week.

Extra expense. Extra stress. No fun. But at least we weren't stranded in the middle of Nowhere, North Dakota. Praise God for that!

Thought at 3am...

Thought at 3am...

Maybe the reason most people struggle to grasp the vision for church planting is because they can't imagine the infinite context of their holy relationships.

They only see the immediate implications of disconnecting from people they love and with whom they share close, intimate relationships. My guess is, those relationships will be far more intimate in Heaven.

Sometimes, in order to effectively plug into God's big plan for the world's redemption, we have to be willing to disconnect from our earthly relationships and form new ones.

It seems to be a matter of casting eternal vision beyond the finite world we live in.

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