A Respite from Unpacking Boxes
Two Boys in the Hat

Medicine Hat: The First 7 Days

I can't believe it's only been a week since we arrived! We've laboured from sun-up 'til sundown every day for the last week trying to get unpacked and settled in. Here are a few notes on things that happened and that still need to happen:

  • 80% of the boxes are unpacked; garage and office still loom
  • Got a Costco membership; we've resisted for years, but with gas $.10/litre less at Costco, there wasn't much of a choice!
  • Elizabeth applied for PT job at Ashley Furniture; with her Alberta mortgage license still in limbo, looking for some short-term income.
  • Silas and Ephraim started school; only a half day this week. And the fun begins next week when they start riding the bus!
  • Scooter having too many accidents in the house; not sure if it's the cold weather or just confusion about the environment change, but we haven't had problems like this since we first got him!
  • Sarah has dropped off a number of resumes and job apps; looking for something soon and on an easy bus route from the house.
  • Oliver and I had our first church planning meeting; so much to do!
  • Met a couple of neighbors and got a meat pie; what else would you expect as a welcome gift from the French-Canadians next door?!
  • Snow, snow, snow! Medicine Hat is on a record pace for snow this winter; we're hoping no one blames us for bringing it from Ontario!
  • First chinook; temps went from -16 to +1 in a day - feels like spring already!


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