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A Respite from Unpacking Boxes

An Alberta Landing

Wow! We made it! The last 72 hours has been remarkably...well...remarkable!

After our challenging travel night across Saskatchewan, we got up on Friday morning with the plan to rent a van, leave ours in Moose Jaw for repairs and make the trek to Medicine Hat early enough to meet the real estate lawyer to do the legal business. That plan didn't go as planned. Without getting into the lengthy details, let's just say this - Enterprise may want to change their motto from "We'll pick you up" to "We'll let you down."

We ended up driving our 6-cylinder van on 5 cylinders in a snow storm, -20 degrees and 80km winds across western SK into eastern AB. We prayed the whole way and, thank the Lord, we made it. By 3pm we were in the house on Sunrise Street.

74 Sunrise St

You'll note a variety of expressions in the photo that Oliver took of us as we arrived at the house; cold, tired, relieved, exhausted, etc.

The moving truck arrived on Saturday morning and by about 4pm we were unpacking boxes and beginning the process of setting up our new home. The house is a fair bit smaller than the one we just left and we've already realized that even more purging will need to take place as we settle in.

The house is only 10 years old so there's not a lot of big work that needs to be done. We'll need to do lots of painting and we're finding little oddities here and there that will need modification, but for the most part, the house is quite livable as it is. Much to Elizabeth's relief, we will not need to labour over the house as we did our last one - being over 30 years old.

Elizabeth has met one neighbour so far; Chris who has a son the same age as Ephraim. And I've already connected with the Telus installation guy, Justin. It just so happens that Justin is a recent immigrant from Oakville, Ontario who loves baseball and fishing. We've already discussed getting together for sports and beverage.

This week we'll get the kids into school (probably Wednesday) and begin to map out the next few weeks as we begin to develop a plan for work and church planning. We're excited on all fronts, but realize there's big work ahead.


Ryan Duffy

Wow, what an adventure. At least you got there safely. I hope you post some pics of the front of the house when you have time.

Cary Sawatsky

It's great to see that you made it and can finally get on with the next chapter in God's drama for your family. Best wishes.


Blair Family, With God's help all of ya'll will do great, and so will the spreading of His Word.
God bless.

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