An Alberta Landing
Medicine Hat: The First 7 Days

A Respite from Unpacking Boxes

Who needs a gym membership when you get to shovel snow every day?!?! So far, since our arrival in Medicine Hat I think it's snowed every night. The locals are all promising that this is not the norm. Besides, we've got a chinook on the way and the promise of four days above freezing should get some of this melted off.

Yesterday we registered the boys to start school. Tomorrow will be their first day. They are excited and nervous. Interestingly, the school that they will be attending has half-days every Wednesday, so their first day will be a short one.

Since today was the last of the their extended Christmas break (nearly 4 weeks), I decided to spend some fun time with them. We (Sarah and I) took them over to a local pond (3 minutes away) where I shovelled some of the surface for them and they skated for a bit. This was Ephraim's first time on skates. It was important to him to get some practice in because he will be skating regularly with his class at school.






Cary Sawatsky

Looks like you had a great day for a skate.

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