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Christmas is coming...

I have 3 kids; a teenager, a pre-schooler and a toddler.  Our younger boys are at an age where Christmas is a renewing experience.  There's nothing they expect to receive.  They just get a kick out of all the hoopla around the holiday - trees, lights, music, etc. 

Last night my wife wrapped a few gifts a put them under our tree.  This afternoon my 3-year old, Silas, told me the presents were for Jesus because it's going to be His birthday.  The truth is most of those gifts are for Silas.  But what an exciting attitude to have about Christmas.  I wish more of us could have that.  I pray I can do what's necessary for Silas to have that spirit about Christmas with him for his entire life.  I know that will be an uphill battle, but I swear I'll try.

I stopped in at a gocery store this morning that had a 5-foot Santa Claus on display.  It dances (or at least wiggles) and sings songs in a horrific baritone voice.  I felt the need for a baseball bat.  Then I was overcome with guilt as I imagined having to explain to Silas why I clubbed "Noah."  He still gets the two confused since his Noah's Ark toy came with a white-bearded Noah.


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