A Great 28: Tips For Songwriters

Song Story: 'Praise You Lord'

Generally speaking, when I write worship songs, I very seldom start with a plan. I will often find myself mentally processing some truth about God that I know or that I am trying to figure out. Sometimes it is a thought or decision that I want to express to Him. Whatever the case, the words and melody often come for me at the same time. I enjoy expressing myself to God in song, so I will often sing to Him – sometimes a capella, sometimes at the piano or with guitar in hand.

From these moments of musical expression, there will occasionally be the emergence of a phrase and melody that begins to resonate for me. It will be around that motif that I will begin to shape the rest of the song.

When I wrote the song Praise You Lord I was driving to a park near my office to have some reading and meditation time. I had been in a bit of a dry spell spiritually and was feeling a bit of guilt for my lack of perfection. As I drove I began singing to God and praising Him for His perfection. In my 10 minute drive, the main melody and thought idea had emerged. When I got to the park I began singing some Psalms while playing my guitar and alternately inserting the chorus phrase. By the end of my time in the park that day this musical prayer had emerged and has been a staple in our Sunday worship repertoire since that time.

[Download an mp3 of Praise You Lord]
[Download the lyrics and chords]


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