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Grasslands Website is "Live"

GrasslandswebAfter weeks and weeks of work (mostly on the part of Marek Kowalsky), the first version of the Grasslands Church website is up and running!

"Why the first version?" you may ask.

The answer is simple; because we are in the pre-launch phase of the church plant, the information and details on the site are geared towards connecting with like-minded Jesus-followers. We are hopeful that the mission stated and the vision cast on the website will attract other people in the community who want to be a part of this big endeavor.

Once we reach the summer months and are gearing up towards the actual launch in September, we will revise the content of the site to explain more about the Sunday experiences we have planned and the way that people can connect through groups and ministries.

Please take a look at the site:

3 Types of People

I've heard it before and it's likely that you have too. But as I'm reading Jim Tressel's "The Winners Manual" I read it again and determined it to be worth repeating:

There are three types of people:

1) Those that make things happen,

2) Those that watch things happen,

3) And those who say, "What happened?"

Which one are you?