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Westward Ho!

On Monday, I left Mississauga with Sarah, Silas, Ephraim and Scooter. It was about 6am as we pulled out of the driveway and we all sleepily waved goodbye to Mommy and Mississauga (along with Jen, Donna and Isaiah, who came to see us off). We drove about 10 hours to Joliet, IL where we crashed for the night.

On Tuesday we pulled out of Joliet and made the rest of our drive to Kansas City, KS (where my mother lives) to begin our two-week respite. We will leave here are around January 11 or 12 to make out final jaunt to Medicine Hat, AB.

Elizabeth has remained behind in Mississauga to oversee the moving company packing and loading of our possessions (what's left after our Kijiji fire sale). She will fly to Kansas City on December 30 after the the moving truck has been loaded.

15 Days of Homelessness

Sold_Sign For the last several months we, along with many of our friends and supporters, have been praying for the sale of our home and our transition to Medicine Hat, Alberta.

In September of this year we announced that we would be leaving our home of the last dozen years in Mississauga, Ontario to join Cheryl and Oliver Edwards in Alberta to plant the 4th Grace Brethren church in Canada. Plans are to launch Grasslands Church in September 2011.

Finally, after months of diligent work and prayer, we were able to get our house sold with a closing date of December 30. We got a little less for the house than what we had hoped, but, in the end, feel that we got a fair price.

On Tuesday of this week I traveled to Medicine Hat to begin the process of finding a new house to move into. My wife, bravely, sent me alone to work with our church planter friend Oliver (who also happens to be a Century 21 realtor) to scout The Hat and find a new residence.

Medicine Hat is not a big city, and being a slow real estate season, there wasn't a lot to choose from. After two days of searching I was able to find a house in the quadrant of the city where we desire to be which met most of our requirements. We've already worked out a sale price for the house, and while we're spending a little more than we'd hoped to spend, we feel - again - that the price is fair. Pending the inspection and financing approvals, our move-in date will be January 14.

So, we'll have a 15-day window for our relocation. During that time, we plan to drive to Kansas City, spend a week-and-a-half or so with my mother, and then drive on to Alberta from there.

We are excited, relieved, nervous, anxious, exhausted and exhilarated about our progress and our future.  Please keep praying for us.  We'll keep you posted.