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Karate Master

Ephraim and Silas began studying karate at a local dojo back in September 2008.  Their motivation was that our neighbor's son was taking lessons.  Silas has recently retired.  The glamour wore off for him quickly.  But Ephraim continues to enjoy it. 

A couple of weeks ago he tested for his first belt advancement and passed!  This morning we attended his belt ceremony where he was awarded "advanced white belt."  The youngest in his grading class (and definitely the smallest) we were proud of him and he announced to us that he was proud of himself too!





Full Circle (Nearly)

From September 1994 - August 1996, I worked for the Missoula Children's Theatre company as a tour actor/director.  I travelled in a little red pick-up from town-to-town for two years putting on local productions of fairy tale classics using local children in the cast.

When I joined the staff at Grace in 2002, one of my goals was to figure out how to incorporate MCT into our ministry here in Mississauga and host an event.

Well, last week, we did just that.  We hosted an MCT week and had a production of The Princess and the Pea at our new facility, the Grace Centre.  It was a fantastic week and Silas got to play the role of a Dust Bunny!