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Space and Time

Today, I'm taking a day off.  It is Saturday, after all.

While that might sound like no big deal to you, your song might change if you consider that it is only the 3rd day I've taken off in the last three months.

Last Sunday, Easter, we held our official "Grand Opening" at the new Grace Centre.  It was a fantastic event.  We had Integrity recording artist Joel AugĂ© perform a mini-concert.  The remainder of our service was packed with drama, videos and an inspirational message from Pastor Bartley called New Love.

We got exactly what we were hoping for in attendance.  Nearly 500 people came out for the celebration.  That's up from our recent average of about 300.  And not one single person (of the dozens) that I had personally invited actually showed up!  The main auditorium was full, but there was a chair for everyone.

The work that it took for the months leading up to the weekend was unlike anything that I have ever experienced.  Working 7-day weeks and pushing over 60 hours per week have taken their toll on my health and my family.

I've still got two more weeks ahead with some pretty heavy scheduling.  We're hosting the Missoula Children's Theatre for a production in a couple of weeks (  I'll have more long days a a heavy workload until that week (April 27 - May 2) is past.  And then, Lord willing, I'll have some smooth sailing for a while.

p.s. I couldn't remember my password when I logged-in to type this post.  Wow!