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Rule #728: Never Ride Your Bike on a Boardwalk in the Rain

I learned one of those life lessons yesterday that I would have rather lived my life without actually learning.

Since we got our new dog, Scooter (see AUG 10 post), I have been taking him out for a run every morning while the boys eat their breakfast.  Actually, Scooter runs while I ride my bike (leash in hand).  We head out for about 20 minutes of a fast paced trek on the local paved bike trails around a couple of parks in our community. 

Scooter does well to stay on the path and runs well ahead of me, while I crank my pedals to keep at his pace.  It must be quite a site to see because everyone we pass points and grins at this little black dog racing like a little greyhound at the track.

Anyway, yesterday we went out for our round of speed as usual.  It had rained overnight and the trails were wet.  It was amusing to watch Scooter leap over the puddles as he raced down the pathway.  As we completed our regular lap around Lake Wabukayne we approached an area where the pavement is replaced by a short boardwalk by the water's edge.

Riding at full speed, 30 km/hr +, I rode my bike onto the wooden walkway and before I knew what had happened, both tires slid sideways and I crashed down onto my back and left shoulder with the bike landing on top of me.  I slid forward for another 6 or 8 feet with the bicycle chewing up the damp wooden slats underneath.

I attempted to utter a swear word (which I don't do often) but with the breath knocked out of my lungs, I could get nothing out but a meager grunt.

Scooter stopped at the end of the leash and looked back at me with surprise.  It took me a couple of minutes to regroup, get back on the seat and make my way back home.

Today, I hurt.  All over.  My back, shoulder, bicep, chest, shin (where I cracked it on the bike) and more.

It's probably been 30 years since I've wiped out on a bicycle.  It hurts a lot more than I remember!

Sailing....Takes Me Away...

MatthewbI had the privilege to spend the afternoon on Wednesday sailing with my friend, Matthew Blauser.  Matthew and I had been talking about sailing for a while and he's recently joined a club in Toronto.

We went downtown after lunch and took a Harbor 20 out through the Toronto harbor and onto Lake Ontario.  We had a great time with just enough wind to keep things interesting but not enough to wear us out.

I think the last time I was on a sailboat was about 7 years ago.  This was a great reminder of how much I enjoy it.  Hopefully, this was just the first of many more outings in the upcoming years.


And, they're off!!!

Dorm Yesterday (Labor Day), Elizabeth and I got Sarah off to University.  She's attending Redeemer in Ancaster, Ontario; about 35 minutes from home.  We moved her into her dorm, met her rommates, got her all set up with her class schedule and now pray that she'll remember that she's at Redeemer to "go to school." 

I noticed Sarah's Facebook status quoted William Wallace: "FREEEEDOOOOOMMMMM!!!!"  Interestingly, I was thinking the same thing as I walked around my own house wearing nothing but my underwear last night.  I haven't been able to do that in a while!  :)


This morning, the boys headed off for their first day of school.  Silas is now in first grade and Ephraim is in Jr. Kindergarten.  The biggest part of their transition is that Ephraim will be in school for full days.  And this has his mother, not tears....but.....FREEEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!!!

I took this pic of the boys as they headed out this morning. 

If you want to see something amusing, check out the photo I took of them on their first day of school last year side-by-side with this year's!