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Graduation Notes

Perhaps I just never noticed before because I had no children.  Or perhaps it's just a Canadian thing.  But one thing that has been a real shocker for me since being here in Canada is that every student in school experiences "graduation" several times in their schooling.  Sarah graduated from elementary school to middle school - and then from middle school to high school.  Now she's graduating from high school.

In the private schools (primarily the Christian schools) kids "graduate" practically every year, from one grade to the next. Our boys, now being students at St. Jude's Academy, "graduated" this year - Silas from SK to Grade One and Ephraim from Pre-K to JK.  We attended the St. Jude's Gradutaion and Awards ceremony this past Wednesday evening.  Honestly, I had a negative spirit about it.  After all, Sarah is REALLY GRADUATING from high school, and there's not even a graduation ceremony for her until NEXT OCTOBER.  That's just stupid.  So why in the world are we spending an evening at this "graduation" ceremony?

Well, I must admit, there was one thing that happened that made the evening all worth while to me.  In addition to being given a certificate announcing that he'd made it all the way to 1st grade (woo-hoo - with sarcasm), Silas was presented the award for being the "Best All-Around Student" in the kindergarten program.  Now, mind you, it's just kindergarten.  But, come on!  What dad wouldn't be proud?!?!

Silas receiving his award for "Best All-Around Student"