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Ephraim's First Soccer Game

Elisoccer_2Our little Ephraim Eli had his first soccer game today.  It was an emotional experience for him.  He cried putting on his uniform, but eventually got over it.  Then, as we arrived at the field, he began to protest, "I don't want to be on this team."

We eventually got him involved (after much coaxing and promises of McDonald's after the game).  But, in the end, I don't think he enjoyed it much.  There was an occasional smile and a moment of fun, but they would soon turn to more tears.

His response to the experience was quite puzzling to us.  He's seen Silas play for the last couple of summers and he knew what to expect.  He actually grasps the concept of the game well (while we're kicking around the back yard).  And, until today, he had expressed his excitement about playing on a soccer team this summer.

Hopefully, he'll warm up to the idea and gain more confidence.  Nonetheless, he looked adorable in his uniform!