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My Nephew & Politics

This is a story about my nephew Kyler.  As told by my brother Michael:

This morning at breakfast Jace tells me that George Washington is his favorite president. I say that’s great Jace, why?....His answer… ”Because he was the first one.”

At this point Kyler feels a need to jump into the conversation, “George Bush is in my school!”

I respond by saying, “Really, Kyler, a picture of him?” 


“Great.”  Well, at that point, president talk ended, however, later when I got to Kyler’s classroom to drop him off, he asked me if I wanted to see George Bush.  “Sure Kyler, where’s George Bush?”

He runs over to the book shelf and pulls a book out and shows me…..Curious George.

“Oh, no, Kyler, that’s not George Bush that’s Curious George…a monkey.”


I decided not to argue, but I left hoping he never tells me Barak Obama is in his class.

My, How Times Have Changed (and Hairlines Too!)

It's always a wonder to me how God manages to build His Kingdom with the hands, feet and hearts of plain old people; people like me. I am in awe and honored to have been given the opportunity to serve in ministry as my vocation.

I think of the road that led to this place and just laugh sometimes. I mean - really - back in the late 80's when I was singing heavy metal music and God was the last thing on my list of priorities, He knew that some day I'd be singing for Him. How cool is that?! An old friend of mine from Texas (Steve Murphy) has recently started a relationship with Jesus and has also begun blogging about it. I am priveleged to be the subject of one of his first blog posts. Check it out (and you'll see more pics of me with hair!)