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The Australian Music Spectrum

I am probably one of few people on the planet who can claim to have seen, in concert, the two top-grossing music acts from the land down under... AC/DC and The Wiggles!

AngusI saw AC/DC in concert about 18 years ago while a student at UT.  This past Saturday we drove to Buffalo, NY for a day of shopping and took Silas and Ephraim to see The Wiggles in concert at HSBC Arena.  Both bands boast lead guitarists who play red guitars.  But I must say, in the Angus vs. Murray battle, Murray may have taken the cake.  In addition to his featured tune Wiggles_3 "Playing the Guitar With Murray," in which a 20 foot inflatable of Murray rose to the rafters, he surprised us old folks with a little rendition of "Stairway to Heaven."  And no one could have guessed that when the lights went low for the bands big hit, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," that his little red guitar would actually light up with red lights.  Rock on, Murray!  Sorry, Angus.

Silas and Ephraim were totally into it.  Regretfully, it was too dark for me to video Silas dancing with the band. Watching that alone was worth the price of admission.

p.s The concert photo of the Wiggles show (above) was taken using my new mobile phone!

A Fresh Idea

As a creative person (and one who's paid to be creative) one of the biggest challenges I've had over the last several years has been to keep the creative juices flowing.  Whether it's the routine of "producing" church services every weekend or simply the steady schedule of family life, I find that I am often empty when it comes to unique and challenging ideas.

The other challenge in the process is that a bulk of the creative outlet that I have is directly related to my job.  Therefore, I always seem to run all of my creative ideas through the "work" filter.  When I'm writing songs, instead of simply writing what comes from my heart and soul, I will regularly ask the questions, "Can the congregation sing it?"  "Will this work in the context of our services?"  Truthfully, this is a horrifying way to be creative.  In fact, by its very nature, it is anti-creative.

Elizabeth and I had a couple of days away at the Georgian Bay last week.  During that space away from work and kids I had this longing (urge, impulse, need) to do something creative --- something totally unrelated and disconnected from my job.

Upon our return back home I still didn't have any ideas as to where this urge was going to lead.  And then this past Monday, completely on a whim, I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and headed to my office.  But instead of turning right as I crossed the 401 to get to the office, I kept driving.  I drove up to a little village called Norval, 20 minutes or so out of the city limits.

I parked my car and began wandering around the village taking photos.  Don't know why.  Just needed to.  After about an hour, I felt satisfied. I drove back to the office and had a fairly productive afternoon.


"I'm Five!"

"I'm five!"  That's Silas's favorite saying since his birthday this past Monday.  He celebrated by going to Chuck E. Cheese's with his brother, Ephraim, and 2 best pals Eugene and Isaiah.

Silas was thrilled to get a Transformer as a gift.  Yes, that's Ephraim's arm grabbing for it in the picture.  And ever since then, there has been much grabbing for the Transformer from both parties.