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Greetings From Illinois

My pal, Tim Ling, and I are sitting in the lobby of Willow Creek Community Church awaiting our final sessions for the day at the WC Arts Conference.  We've been here in the Chicago area (along with Ken Tindale and Kathy Baranowski) for two days.

The weather has been fantastic.  In addition to hearing some great speakers at the conference, we spent last evening downtown at the Navy Pier where we ate Mexican food and got stuck in lots of slow traffic.

We head back to Mississauga Friday at noon at the end of the conference.  I think my wife will be happy to see me - and hand the children over to me... :)

Mac Daddy Proud

Da-da-da-da!!! (that's the sound of a trumpet)

This is my first official post on my new Mac iBook. I have succumb to the pressure of moving to a Mac platform for my music production. At this time, however, I'm a mulit-platform user 'cause I still have two PCs on which I will do the bulk of my work - for now, anyway.

Soccer_5I am proud today. But not because I am a Mac owner. Silas had a soccer tournament today and played in three games. He scored 3 goals today (4 if you count the one he scored on his own net) and played stellar defense. He hustled hard and pursued the ball with great intensity on both offense and defense. If I can brag a little, he was the outstanding 4 year-old on his team (comprised of 4 and 5 year-olds).