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9 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Summer

1.  Playing Lots of Tennis: Last summer, amdist a studio recording project and too much freelance graphic design work, I did not get to play much at all.  This summer, way more tennis is in order.

2.  Morning Coffee on the Patio: Last week I started a new routine in the mornings as I drink my coffee and read on the patio before headed to work.  It's nice.

3.  Grace's New Website: We have hired a designer to do our new church website and I think it's gonna be quite cool.

4.  Camping at Algonquin Park:  Algonquin is one of the many places that I want to visit here in Canada.  We've already booked our campsite for a week in August!

Ratatouille5.  Ratatouille: I think this movie looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

6.  Hardwood Flooring: The five-year-old carpet in our den and office have just been wrecked.  We're going to replace it with a gorgeous Brazilian Walnut.

7.  Willow Creek Arts Conference:  Probably doesn't quite qualify as "summer," but I am going to Chicago in June for this fantastic Christian arts conference.

8.  Glacier Canyon Lodge: Mom has booked a family gathering for a week in July at the Wisconsin Dells.

9.  Lincoln Park Zoo:  While on our way to Wisconsin, we're going to stop in Chicago for a couple of nights and we'll spend a day at the zoo. 

Catching Up...

23 days since my last post.  That's probably the longest break I've had since I started this blog.  I wish I could say it was because I'd been on vacation in Tahiti with no internet access.  But I can't.  One of the cardinal sins of good blogging etiquette is to refrain from being apologetic for being a lame blogger.  So, no apologies forthcoming.

New Freelance Opportunity
I have been blessed with the opportunity to compose/record the music track for a Safeway Grocery commercial that will be airing next fall during football season.  If I perform well, this could be the start of some regular work in this arena.  There's a fellow at my church (Jose Luis Monzon) who produces and works on quite a bit of commercial and film work.  Check out his company website at:

Building News for Grace
We folks at Grace Community Church are wrapping up an 18 month capital campaign during which we have been raising funds for a permanent ministry building (we currently own a small office building and rent a high school for our weekend services).  Two weeks ago we made an offer on a warehouse building that is owned by a Christian family.  They have not yet put the property on the market and gave us a first chance for a pitch.  We offered them $3.1 million for the property, which was at the high end of the range for which the building was valued last November.  They now have a realtor "guaranteeing" them over $4 million for the property which has priced us out.  They rejected our offer and we are now on to look for other alternatives.  It's disappointing as this property had great community visibility and for the last year it has looked like a real good possibility.  So, God closed this door and we'll keep looking for another to open.

Go Bandits!
Lacrosse Silas is playing lacrosse in the Tomahawks LaCrosse League.  His team is called the Bandits.  It's indoor (box) lacrosse played on a hockey rink (sans ice, of course).  It's pretty rough!  His division is 4-6 year olds so he's one of the youngest players on the floor most of the time.  But he loves it.  Give my boy a stick and let him hit other kids!  That's just what he needs!

My American Idol
Melinda I had made a bold prediction several months ago that Melinda Doolittle would win the American Idol competition.  I was sad to see her eliminated off the show as the second runner up.  So close!  I still say, without hesitation, that she was the best performer/vocalist in the competition.  I'm confident she'll have a stellar recording career.  The fact that she's a follower of Jesus and already has strong ties in the Christian music community of Nashville will help a lot.