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Even if you are not an American Idol watcher/fan, you'd be hard pressed to have not heard the name "Sanjaya" being tossed around the water cooler - or on any media format; radio, tv or print.  This guy, in spite of his highly under-developed talent, is quickly becoming one of the biggest pop culture icons of the year.

Sanjaya_2He has way more talent than William Hung, but way, way less talent than most of the competitors that he's facing in this year's AI competition.  Nonetheless, he is creating a buzz.

And while some may say that he's "killing" American Idol (see today's National Post, left; graffiti courtesy of Silas Blair), I bet people who would never otherwise watch the show are tuning in to find out what all the buzz is about.  Coca Cola and Ford thank you, Sanjaya.

Even comedian Eric Schwartz has gotten into the game with this video spoof.  Enjoy!

Another Sermon from Bart

About a year ago I delivered a sermon at Grace called "The Basement."  It was part of a series we were doing on family relationships called Extreme Makeover Home Edition (pretty creative, huh :p).  I've had a couple of people ask me for copies, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it here for posterity.

The video here is just an intro that I showed during the service.  The mp3 link below is the audio of the entire sermon (video included).

CLICK HERE to download the MP3.

Closing the Loop

I've recently realized that there are a number of postings that I have failed to thoroughly follow-up on.  So I take today's post as an opportunity to provide some brief updates.

My Final Four Predictions
I was wrong.  Dead wrong!  All four of my picks are out.  Bummer.

Goodbye to The Dave
Dave My friend David Norris-Elye passed away on March 8.  His memorial was this past Saturday (March 24).  It was a fitting tribute and celebration of David's life, music and the many lives he somehow seemed to have an impact upon.  Some of the GTAs best venerable music artists came to pay tribute to "The Dave."  It was a great time of reflecting on both David's accomplishments as an artist, but also the role that God played in his life.  Please visit the tribute page for David on MySpace:  There is a complete recount of his funeral service on the blog there.

The Tunnel
Thetunnel_3 I had the privilege of speaking at Grace Community Church on March 11.  We are doing a teaching series on suffering.  You can CLICK HERE to download the MP3 of my message.  Visit the Grace website to download the entire series.

My Broken Van
On the evening of March 5 - what might have been one of Mississauga's coldest nights - my beloved '93 Chevy Astro came to a grinding halt while I was driving to a meeting.  Turns out that the upper ball joint on the driver's side broke and punctured the tire.  It was a bit messy.  $600 and she's back on the road again, doing her part to further damage the ozone layer.

NYC Comes to GTA
Back in February I went to New York City to visit my pal Jeff Haley.  Jeff and I have known each other since day one of our college experience at U.T.  Jeff's coming up to Toronto to spend Easter weekend with us.  10 more sleeps 'til El Jeffe arrives!

In November and December I was posting about a little boy on our street, Haydn, who had been diagnosed with a disease called LCH.  His physician(s) had started treatment for a tumor on his C6 vertebra.  Things had been going really well until this past weekend when Haydn apparently had a serious downturn in his health due to an infection.  He is back at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  We'll keep praying for a complete and speedy recovery. 

More Predictions

March Madness is upon us.  This is absolutely one of my favorite times of year.  It has been ever since I was a student at The University of Texas and the "Runnin' Horns" (as they were known back then) made a run to the Elite Eight (1990).

KevindurantNow, with Texas headed by freshman phenom Kevin Durant, I'm all giddy to see just how far the 'Horns can take it this year.  My prediction for this year's Final Four is really more fantasy than revelation.  I'm just dreaming that the last four standing will show the world just how powerful the Big XII really is (poo poo to the ACC).

Texas vs. Texas A&M
Kansas vs. Wisconsin

Texas vs. Kansas

Texas will win it all, beating Kansas for the first time in three tries this season!