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Are We Bad Parents?

We received our latest issue of Focus on the Family magazine this week.  I thought it was interesting that a number of the articles in this publication were aimed at calming the fears of parents sending their children off to kindergarten.  Apparently, a lot of parents suffer from worries, fears and separation anxiety when they send their kids off to school for the first time. 

More and more parents (including many of our own friends) are "home schooling" their kids.  I guess they're putting off that tragic day of separation until their kids leave for college!

After scanning the articles, it struck me as odd that Elizabeth and I did not share any of the common parental fears as Silas started school two weeks ago.  In fact, we were elated for him to finally have a place to go (albeit only half days) and be entertained by someone other than us.

Now, we are certainly paying close attention to the new habits, language and attitudes that Silas is bringing home.  But the structure of the days, along with the opportunity to socialize with other children his age has been outstanding for him.  He's much less hyper at home and is actually sleeping much better at night.

So are we bad parents because we didn't cry on his first day of school?

It's "Orange Shirt" Day

This week is "rainbow week" at Silas' kindergarten.  Each day, the kids are encouraged to wear a specific color from the spectrum.  Monday was red.  Today is orange.  Tomorrow is yellow.  And so on...

I went to the office this morning and attended my regular Tuesday staff meeting.  I left the meeting, again, feeling overwhelmed by my current workload and schedule, and frustrated by some situations that have arisen that are only increasing pressures and burdens.

Some days I wish life could be just as simple as knowing what color I was supposed to wear each day.

Weight Update

After 21 days of Weight Watchers, my weigh-in this morning put me at 166.  That's 11 pounds down from my original 177 and only 1 more to go to get to my goal of 165.  It looks as if the family will be doing WW for a bit longer, so I'll do my best to stay on this train and see if I can surpass my original goal.

This week was actually a wacky week for weight loss and eating.  Last Sunday, Pastor Bartley challenged us (or dared us) to do a 24-hour fast as part of the teaching series we're doing at Grace.  So, Elizabeth and I did the fast on Tuesday and then promptly followed it up with a meal with my band, which was prepared by our drummer, Marcio.  Marcio is Brazilian and he fixed us a traditional Brazilian-style barbecue.  Weight Watchers was but a distant memory while I gorged myself on more meat than I have ever eaten in one sitting.

3 cheers for Marcio!  It was outstanding!

The New Church in Milton

For the last 4 years Grace  Community Church's first daughter church plant, Real Life Community Church, struggled to hold things together. They launched and re-launched, but could not seem to get a foothold in the community where they felt God had led them to center the ministry.

Over those 4 years, however, a solid core team of about 30 people grew together, grew in their faith and out of all of it a new leading was afoot.  They decided to re-name and re-launch the church (a third time) in the next town to the west; Milton, Ontario.

So this past Sunday, Sept. 17, at the new Galaxy Cinemas, they opened their doors for the first service of the new Village Community Church. Here is Pastor Rob Stanley’s play-by-play of the day:

10:05 – 5 minutes after our proposed start time, about 45 adults are in the theatre (which holds 305)

10:06 – I leave the theatre to grab the house band to start the service and I am greeted with the sight of about 250 people milling about, registering their children and grabbing a coffee

10:07 – we decide to delay the start of the service to let people get in

10:15 – the service begins

10:18 – following our first set of songs, Mat has to pause to allow people to filter in (there’s a back-up in the aisle)

10:25 – Mat pauses again to allow people to be seated....needs to ask people to squeeze together to find room

10:45 – our key media element works, and I begin speaking

11:30’ish – the service ends and people begin filing out 11:35-12:00 – I meet ‘n’ greet over 50 people in the lobby, and we all walk around with a bit of a glazed look in our eyes

12:05 – the final numbers come in...
     -261 adults
     -82 children
     -343 total people (not including our volunteer helpers)

We are a little blown away right now with everything...but I must say it’s pretty cool.
Overnight, we became the largest church in Milton, and it was truly the result of a great amount of effort and faith on the part of people like yourselves
(addressed to supporters and volunteers).