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We had a great camping trip up at Craigleith Park this week.  Two nights of sleeping on the ground, picking ashes out of food and brushing teeth in a public washroom do wonders for the comforts of home.  In all seriousness, we had a blast.  The weather was perfect and the boys sustained great behavior until the drive home....argh...then they melted down.

It'll take a couple of days to recover from the sleep deprivation, but was well worth the family time.  We'll try to squeeze one more trip in before the summer's over.

Calm Before the...

Not sure I'm ready to call our Grace Fall Kick-off preparations a "storm" but "frenzy" wouldn't be a bad noun.  Beginning next Sunday night the staff and elders and ministry leaders and group leaders will begin a series of planning meetings that will begin to shape what we view as the most significant and exciting time of the year for our church.

This summer has been relaxed.  The church staff, leaders and many ministry volunteers have had some breaks from service, but now it's time to begin ramping things up for our mid-September kick-off.  We will plan a teaching series and correlating advertising campaign that will (if compared to previous years) attract a lot of new folks to the church.  Our Christmas and Easter services typically draw larger numbers, but our Fall Kick-off tends to draw more people who stick around for a longer period of time.  It's just downright exciting.

All that being said, I'm packing up the car and driving the family up to Craigleith Park on the Georgian Bay for our second adventure in camping for the summer.  Last time we ventured out for only one night.  This time we'll try two!  Yikes!  Wish us luck!

3 Myths About California

ArnoldWhen Elizabeth and I made our connection flight from Las Vegas to L.A. last week we had the privilege of sitting next to one of those proud Californians who loved to boast about why CA is so far superior to the other 49.  It was sort of funny listening to her mini rants.  And no offense to my Californian friends, but a lot of the bunk she was spewing, consistent with what I've heard others say, was simply... bunk.  Dad, if you're reading this, sorry, but you're a Texan not a Californian.  "You can take the boy out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the boy."

Myth #1 - Californians eat healthier.
Fact #1 - There are plenty of McDonald's in CA.  Not to mention that there are 62 Red Robin restaurants in CA which offer "bottomless fries."  Oh, baby, that's healthy!

Myth #2 - You can't smoke anywhere in California.
Fact #2 - People smoke everywhere in CA.  Most public buildings that have banned smoking typically have a crowd of people standing in front of them puffing away.  We got a kick out of all the cigarette butts on the ground at Santa Monica Beach right under the NO SMOKING signs.

Myth #3 - L.A. Traffic is the worst.
Fact #3 - Whoever started this rumor had obviously never driven Dallas' 635 during rush hour or even worse the GTA's 401.  L.A. traffic, in our experience was surprisingly smooth.