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Saved By Starbucks

StarbucksWell, it seems the ability to hijack a wireless internet signal from our resort room was to be short-lived.  So, after 98% disconnectivity from the www yesterday I've resorted to hanging out at Starbucks while Elizabeth gets a pedicure.  Actually, not a bad trade-off for either of us.

It's HOT, HOT, HOT in the desert.  I played a round of golf at 6am this morning and it was already 90 degrees when I hit the links.  Truthfully, I don't really mind the heat so much. Ok, so I'll admit, I ENJOY the heat.  Drink lots of fluids and stay in the shade.  The worst part is getting in the car after it's been closed up for a while.  But, hey, there's an easy solution to that....

         ...don't close up the car! 


Check out my ride >>>

The conference has been good so far.  82 year-old Pastor Charles Ashman was the key speaker yesterday.  He delivered a moving and impassioned message about using our gifts to serve God in a way that makes an impact all the way to the end of our lives.  In the church we so often spend out time looking out for what we can get more of.  He challenged us to "stir up the sugar that's already in the cup."  Often the things we think we need are already there in plenty, we just need to learn how to "stir it up" and release it.

For daily updates on the FGBC conference, complete with notable quotes, photos and more, visit Terry White's blog.

I Made it Back to Cali, Cali, Cali...

Pardon the obscure LL Cool J reference in the title of this post.

Elizabeth and I have made it safely to Palm Springs.  The FGBC National Conference starts tomorrow morning.  We're glad to be here and are looking forward to a great week of relaxation and spiritual renewal. 

Shamu_3 We got to fly on the Southwest Shamu jet.  Cool. 

Elizabeth's tooth seems to be fine after yesterday's root canal.  She's eating popcorn as I type this post.  Thanks for praying, if you did.

The resort where we're staying is supposed to have pay-as-you-go WiFi, but I haven't been able to connect to it.  However, I have somehow hijacked someone else's signal so I'm able to launch this post now.  However, the signal is weak and I don't know if it'll last all week.  So if this is the last post for the week (or if they stop suddenly) you'll know why.  Peace!

A Taco Travesty

Have you ever been to a restaurant and sat down at a table next to (or near) a person or family that was just so annoying you had to move to another table?

Well yesterday that was my family...  not the ones moving, but the annoying ones making other people move.

After church, Elizabeth and I decided to treat the kids to Taco Bell for lunch.  It's rare that we dine Tacobell out as a family.  For one, it's expensive to feed 4.2 people.  Secondly, our 2 and 3 year old boys often have a tough time in public eateries.  And Sunday's Taco Bell adventure was no different.

When we got there I took Silas to the washroom to wash his hands.  As soon as he came out he started shouting across the room to Sarah, "My penis hurts!"  That got some attention, let me tell you!

And then as we ate, the boys just fussed and whined and whined and fussed.  It was crazy.  So crazy, in fact, that the family of five sitting at the tables next to us go up and moved to another part of the restaurant. 

Great.  Just great.