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Silas Adventures

Ahh, parenting...

...who would have thought it would be this entertaining

My 3-year-old son, Silas, had quite a day today.  After I put him to bed at 8pm last night I discovered around 10pm that he had been secretly playing with his trains in his room - NOT sleeping.  I couldn't really blame him because he had taken a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and he doesn't usually nap.  Nonetheless, in spite of being up 2 full hours past his bedtime last night he was up and ready to go at 6:45am today.

My wife and I have both been under the weather the last few days and decided to try to camp out in bed as long as we could this morning so I got up with Silas, gave him a cereal bar, cup of juice, turned on the cartoons and I went back to bed.

About a half hour later, I heard strange noises coming from the kitchen so I quickly got up to discover Silas was standing at the kitchen counter with a pitcher of juice and a roll of paper towels.  He was cramming the paper towels into the juice and watching it soak up.  The fact that he had gotten the large pitcher out of the refrigerator without spilling it was a miracle.  Anyway, this was the start of what would be a most adventurous day.

Myarobot1 Silas has a one-hour quiet time in his bedroom every afternoon. When it actually gets quiet, we usually need to investigate the silence.  Today the silence brought his mother into the room to discover that he had coloured on himself (face and feet) with black and orange markers.  "My a robot, Mommy."  ::: Translated - "I'm a robot, Mommy."  Not quite sure what it had to do with being a robot, but heMyarobot2 was convincing.  After Elizabeth took these photos to commemorate the occasion, she stripped him to put him in the bathtub and discovered that he had actually taken his clothes off while he was robot-izing himself and his entire torso and legs were covered in ink as well.

Additionally, Silas smacked his 2 year-old brother over the head with a bottle he removed from the recycle box.  He turned the volume up on the stereo to a deafening volume causing a hysteric panic for both his mother and baby brother.  And finally, he brushed his teeth with face moisturizing cream; which, fortunately, he decided was not a good thing to do.

Later that evening we purchased a 3M safety latch for the refrigerator.  It's a little belt clip that attaches with an adhesive to each side of the fridge door.  Silas later discovered the device and when he realized he could not detach the clip he somehow managed to detach the entire mechanism from it's mounts - adhesive and all.

Over dinner tonight, I asked Silas if he was a genius.  He said, "Yes, Daddy.  My a genius." 

I said, "You better be, Son.  Otherwise, I've got no other way of explaining how you continue to outsmart your mother and me."

Walking a Fine Line

In a jog around the blog world today I made note of several bloggers expressing concern over scriptural depth in today's contemporary worship music.  See a summary of a couple of those posts at Dcypl's Discipleship. [Not that this debate is anything new...]

Chuck Colson seems to have stirred the pot most vigorously with comments related to a personal worship experience and a song entitled Draw Me Close to You, which I believe is out of the Hillsong camp.

As a God-worshiper and worship leader myself, I have empathy for both sides of this debate.  When I select music for corporate worship in my local church I intentionally seek out songs that contain strong Biblical truths about God, His character, His Son and related matters.  God seeks followers who will worship "in truth" (John 4:23-24).  That makes it an important part of the believer's worship.

As an evangelical tool, worshiping God in truth (with truth) leads pre-Christians to a better understanding of who God is, how He works and where our hope comes from.  We often have many seekers in our midst on Sundays and I see this as a rockin' opportunity to help people change their misconceptions about who God is; get them on the right road.

That being said, I look at songs like Draw Me Close to You and I wonder why it would be so frustrating for a Christ-lover to sing those words.  While there is certainly no theological depth to them, there is a true sense of desire to know and love God expressed in the song.  I can't see how our Father would disapprove.  Although I don't use that particular song in my worship repertoire, personally, it is a prayer that I have uttered to the King many, many times.  Maybe not those exact words, but the sentiment is there.

I guess some people will always have difficulty accepting something different than what they are accustomed to.  I can't help believe that many who beat the "gotta sing hymns" drum just feel more comfortable worshiping with them.  And that's perfectly ok.  Just keep in mind that King David never sang "Just As I Am."  The Apostle Paul never sang "In the Garden."  Peter the Rock never hummed the tune to "Oh How I Love Jesus."  Somewhere along the line every hymn ever written was "new."

"I will sing a new song to you, O God;
       on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to you,
"   Psalm 144:9

...and my guitar only has six strings!